Virtual Poetry Treasure Hunt (December 2017)

Virtual Poetry Treasure Hunt (December 2017)

Live Canon are kicking off a (Virtual) Poetry Treasure Hunt on Friday 1st December.

If you enter, each day of December you will receive a clue. You’ll need to hunt in the work of a particular poet to find the answer. The clue will introduce you to that poet’s work with material to read, videos to watch and audio recordings. Everything you need will be available online, you can easily catch up if you miss a day, and at the end of the month you’ll need all your answers to solve the final puzzle….

It’s a great way to pack some poetry reading into the winter months, discover new poets and have fun, with plenty of prizes to be won. You can join in from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection.

Tickets to enter are £15, available here:

All proceeds will go towards funding our Children’s Poetry Competition:

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