Workshop: The Role of the Writer in a Hyper-Politicised World

Workshop: The Role of the Writer in a Hyper-Politicised World

What: A discussion and writing session with author Sue Guiney on writing and politics.

When: Wednesday, April 26, 8.00 p.m. — 9.30 p.m.

Where: private residence in Siglap

Cost: $21.75

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Workshop Description

There has been a great deal written lately, especially after the UK’s Brexit vote and the recent US presidential election, about the role of the writer. Some feel the need to use their writing as a platform for political activism. But what if you don’t want to do that? Is there a way to write about politics without being political? When do we censor ourselves? And what is the definition of politics?

As Sue Guiney completes the third novel in her trilogy about life in modern day Cambodia, she has found herself grappling with this question more and more as it becomes increasingly difficult to write about that country without referring to the escalating dangers of its political situation. Guiney has come up with one solution, but are there others? Through discussion and writing, the group will investigate other solutions, and discuss the role of the writer in general.

About Sue Guiney

Sue Guiney is a poet, novelist and educator. Her work has appeared in literary journals on both sides of the Atlantic. Her first book, published in 2006, is the text of her poetry play, Dreams of May, which was then updated into a second edition in 2013. Sue’s first full-length poetry collection, Her Life Collected,was published in 2011.

Sue’s first novel, Tangled Roots, was published in 2008 and is set in Moscow and Boston.  But since 2010, much of her writing has centered around life in modern day Cambodia.  She is now completing a trilogy of novels set there, the most recent of which, Out of the Ruins, was published in 2014. The first in the series, A Clash of Innocents, was published in  2010. Her work in Cambodia  has also led her to found Writing Through, an international organisation which helps develop language fluency, conceptual thinking skills and self-esteem in at-risk populations via the teaching of specialised creative writing workshops.

After having lived in London for over 25 years, Sue now splits her time between Martha’s Vineyard, MA and Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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